Study Centres

Swami Vivekananda Study Centre:

Motto :

To sensitize students to the values, services and sacrifices

To highlight the significance of character building and self-development

To originate the fundamental educational ideas of Swami Vivekananda

To create serviceable youth and democratic citizens

To make students value oriented rather than pecuniary oriented

To develop holistically develop the students

Gandhi Study Centre:

Motto :

To disseminate the message of Mahatma Gandhi among students

To spread the works of Mahatma Gandhi

To create social changes through Gandhian Philosophy

To enlighten the students about the ideologies of the faith of the Father of the Nation through his books and exam

To develop a Gandhian policy framework for sustainable development and peace

Ambedkar Study Centre :

The main objective of Ambedkar Study center is to create awareness among the young generation on the values and preaching of great personality.

Basava Study Centre :

Motto :

To Motivate the students to acquire the knowledge and to inculcate in their daily life.

To initiate to develop humanity , kindness and the values of the society .

To act as resource for improving the standard of thinking .