SIPUC Mysuru feeds openings for the volunteering students to become a part of our NSS, which hails tight since… and our NCC units. Here they are given opportunities to develop social responsibilities, leadership quality, sportsmanship, secular outlook and also a room for them to emerge as a perfect leader leading the future. Round the clock, NSS volunteers and the NCC cadets are given vigorous training to foster in developing social and moral skills.

The motto of National Cadet Corps (NCC) being, ‘Unity and Discipline’, our college aims at providing opportunities to give a wing to the cadets dream of becoming officers in armed forces. Through parades on every Saturdays, our cadets are given a taste of disciplined life.

Motto & Aim

The National Cadet Corps is the youth wing of armed forces with its headquarters at Delhi. It started in the year 1948 with the motto “Unity & Discipline” that is Ekatha aur Anushaasan. The role of NCC is to instil the students with values of character, discipline & hard work & in shaping them into dynamic & responsible citizens of the country. The NCC is a youth development movement which provides exposure to the cadets in a wide range of activities with a distinct emphasis on social services, discipline & adventure training. It is open to all regular students of schools & colleges on a voluntary basis.

The four principles of NCC are

Obey with a smile

Be Punctual

Work hard and without fuss

Make no excuses and tell no lies


The NCC is headed by the Director General (DG), an officer of three-star rank. The DG is assisted by two Additional Director Generals (A and B) of two-star rank (major-general, rear-admiral or air vice-marshal). The Headquarters is located in Delhi. There are 17 Directorates located in the state capitals headed by an officer of the rank of a Maj Gen from the three Services. Depending upon the size of the state and growth of NCC in the states, Directorates have up to 14 Group Headquarters under them through which they exercise their command and control of the organisation in the state. Each group is headed by an officer of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent known as Group Commander. Each NCC Group Headquarters control 5–7 units (Bns) commanded by Colonel/Lt.Col or equivalent. Each Battalion consists of companies which are commanded by the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) of the rank of lieutenant to major.

Certificates & Examination

There are Three Certificates in NCC (A, B&C). Certificate – B: It can be taken by SD/SW cadets of the NCC, after class year 10 and those studying for a degree. The candidate must have attended a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first and second years of SD/SW NCC (All Wings) & attended one Annual Training Camp/NIC. Cadets who possess Certificate - A will be awarded 10 bonus marks. An air wing cadet must do a minimum 10 Glider launches.

NCC Program Schedules @ SIPUC

Cadet Selection Process

Weekly Parades

Important Day Celebrations

Republic Day

Independence Day

Ban on ‘No Plastic’ Campaign

World Environment Day

World No Tobacco Day

World Yoga Day

Road Safety Month


Camp Details: Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) for II year cadets

CATC – I: Held between 05th and 14th May 2022 at DPS, Mysuru.

CATC – II: Held between 02nd and 11th July 2022 at KSOU, Mandakalli, Mysuru.

CATC - V: Held between 07th and 14th October 2022 at KSOU, Mandakalli, Mysuru.

Training for cadets during 10 days camp:

Yoga / Exercise

Practical Class – Parade training & test

Weapon Drill & Training

Theory classes

Cultural Activities – Patriotic Song, Dance, Drama etc. by cadets

Fall in Program

Bhadaa Khaana

College Approved with NCC FSFS Scheme for Army SD/SW Guidelines followed by our college for Fully Self Financing Scheme:

The institution will bear entire expenditure on NCC training in terms of hiring staff, providing refreshments during weekly parade, infrastructure, Annual Camp training, Weapon training, Certificate exam to cadets.

Besides providing the ANO, the institution had already hired NCC ‘C’ certificate holder with pay for undertaking training.

Our SET institutions which always strive to make the youngsters into better civilians have taken a new step in contributing more responsible citizens to our nation by starting up our own NCC unit at the college. Our NCC unit is a new venture which has already gripped 53 students in PUC.

List of I & II Year Cadets:
Sl.No. Enrollment No. Rank Cadet Full Name
1 KA/2022/SD/A/283382 SGT Kiran D
2 KA/2022/SD/A/283383 CDT Karthic. V
3 KA/2022/SD/A/283384 CDT Reevan D'souza
4 KA/2022/SD/A/283385 CPL Mohith H J
5 KA/2022/SD/A/283387 CDT Shreyas Gowda L
6 KA/2022/SD/A/283388 LCPL Mohan Prasad S
7 KA/2022/SD/A/283389 CDT Suhas. M
8 KA/2022/SD/A/283390 CDT Adithya.G
9 KA/2022/SD/A/283391 LCPL Purohit Prashanth Kumar
10 KA/2022/SD/A/283392 CDT Ajay Kumar.S
11 KA/2022/SD/A/283393 CPL Saraha S R
12 KA/2022/SD/A/283394 CDT Umesh.R
13 KA/2022/SD/A/283395 CDT Yashas Raju MR
14 KA/2022/SD/A/283396 CDT Pavan Kumar B S
15 KA/2022/SW/A/283522 CDT Bhoomika.A
16 KA/2022/SW/A/283523 LCPL B. C. Geetha
17 KA/2022/SW/A/283524 CDT Dhanyashree D G
18 KA/2022/SW/A/283525 CDT Lasya. M
19 KA/2022/SW/A/283526 CDT Bindushree.R
20 KA/2022/SW/A/283527 CDT Akshatha S Kottur
21 KA/2022/SW/A/283528 CDT Prathiksha D
22 KA/2022/SW/A/283529 CSM M R Anushka Accamma
23 KA/2022/SW/A/283531 CDT Sindhu Shivanna
24 KA/2022/SW/A/283532 CDT Naga Siri H N
Sl.No. Enrolment No. RANK Cadet Full Name
1 KA/2023/SD/A/283397 CDT Arjun.R
2 KA/2023/SD/A/283398 CDT Daniel Pratham
3 KA/2023/SD/A/283399 CDT Deepak R
4 KA/2023/SD/A/283400 CDT Deshik Acharya G
5 KA/2023/SD/A/283401 CDT Ganesh G L
6 KA/2023/SD/A/283402 CDT Harshavardhan K S
7 KA/2023/SD/A/283403 CDT Hemanth M
8 KA/2023/SD/A/283404 CDT Mithun N
9 KA/2023/SD/A/283405 CDT Nischal R
10 KA/2023/SD/A/283406 CDT Kaushal A
11 KA/2023/SD/A/283407 CDT Partha Sarathi K
12 KA/2023/SD/A/283408 CDT Preetham B V
13 KA/2023/SD/A/283409 CDT Rakesh V
14 KA/2023/SD/A/283410 CDT Ravi Kumar S
15 KA/2023/SD/A/283411 CDT Sai Kiran P
16 KA/2023/SD/A/283412 CDT Shaan Chinnappa M C
17 KA/2023/SD/A/283413 CDT Tharun V H
18 KA/2023/SD/A/283414 CDT Trinetra S
19 KA/2023/SD/A/283415 CDT Vineesh K V
20 KA/2023/SD/A/283416 CDT Yashas M S
21 KA/2023/SD/A/283417 CDT Varun K
22 KA/2023/SW/A/283533 CDT Aishwarya M
23 KA/2023/SW/A/283534 CDT Ananya P R
24 KA/2023/SW/A/283535 CDT Aradhana Santhosh
25 KA/2023/SW/A/283536 CDT Disha Singh V
26 KA/2023/SW/A/283537 CDT Manvitha.R
27 KA/2023/SW/A/283538 CDT Navya. B. T
28 KA/2023/SW/A/283539 CDT Prathiksha P K
29 KA/2023/SW/A/283522 CDT Rithika R Kulkarni
Lieutenant Suhas H. S.

Associate NCC Officer