Principal Desk

Principal's Desk

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”.

In today’s technology driven world, knowledge is free and is available to the students at different open sources, right from highly educated parents, peers, media and the omniscient internet world. Such open sources help in making the child knowledgeable no doubt, but fails to mould the individual as a professional. To have a successful career, one needs to get equipped with the necessary tools which by and large are obtained by the conventional methods of learning – “the educational institutions”. There are many formulae to achieve success but few to retain it. The success attained, is sustained only with a character based on values.

The greatest challenge of education today is to provide the right blend of knowledge and values in today’s world of materialism. The curriculum and the syllabi is framed to integrate the knowledge and skills necessary to groom the students into professionals or make them –“market ready”, but has little scope for developing the personality of the individual. The onus of inculcating ethics and humanitarian ideals lays on the schools and colleges, which to a large extent is neglected in the rat race to churn out academic toppers. SESHADRIPURAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST (SET) catering to the educational needs of people from kindergarten to post graduation stands apart in being committed to bring about the holistic development of the students. Through its 33 institutions in Bengaluru, Mysuru and Tumakuru SET has been striving to impact the student’s personality with a balanced combination of knowledge and values.

SIPUC, Mysuru the 27th branch of the SET legacy established in the year 2014 has been following the footsteps of the parent organisation in being dedicated to the purpose of affecting the student’s life in totality. With an objective to make the student’s association with the college an eventful one and though we believe Pre University Education is an important phase in influencing the future career, we have extended ourselves beyond the academics through a well scheduled plan integrating curricula, co –curricular and extracurricular activities. A proud feature of all Seshadripuram Group of Institutions are the Gandhi, Ambedkar and Swami Vivekananda Study centres, wherein pupils are made to acknowledge, appreciate and inculcate the principles for which the great souls lived for. Seminars and guest lectures, aiming to cater to the professional needs of novices are a regular feature of the academic plan. The state of art infrastructure meets the demands of a technology gripped society and a team of dedicated and diligent teachers continuously mentor the students guiding them through the two years to help them achieve their goals.

Mrs. Archana Swamy N
M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed