Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics and Computer Science Laboratories are well equipped for students to benefit acquiring good experimental skills.Constant efforts are made to regularly upgrade the facilities in these labs.

Physics Lab

Physics laboratory is spacious to provide the students of Pre-University with the practical experience and knowledge. The lab is equipped with all the instruments to carry out the experiments prescribed in the syllabus by the PU Board.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry department has well trained staff to provide individual attention to the students in both theory and practical classes. Chemistry laboratory is a storehouse of all the chemicals and apparatuses required for conducting various experiments. The students conduct the experiments under the able guidance of the staff members.

Biology Lab

The Biology department also has the laboratory with all the accessories of marble table tops, over head light fittings, refrigerator, centrifuge, hot oven, human skeleton alongwith the charts, floppies, visual aids and the specimen etc. Such is the atmosphere created for the students to be trained to take on medicine or microbiology in future. Our team of Biology department is well equipped to guide the students for both the annual and CET exams. Field trips are organized once a year for the Biology students and practical knowledge is imparted during educational tours. Human interest subject makes a deep and lasting impression on the young minds.

Computer Science Lab

computer lab We have very spacious Computer Science laboratory that is equipped with computers to cater to the students of both science and commerce stream. The advancement in the field is enormous and to keep in pace with the technology and for gaining knowledge, Internet facility is provided to the students under the able supervision of competent lecturers. The lab is cynosure of both students and the staff.

Electronics Lab

Electronic department has a well equipped laboratory with all the required instruments. Projects as prescribed are facilitated for the students to take up the work, ably guided by the lecturer. The equipments are updated on a regular basis.