Financial Assistance

Financial Aid & Awards

The college would create over a period of time a special fund that would be the contributions coming from our students, alumni, faculty members and the philanthropists. Such funds so generated are planned to be used for providing financial support for the economically weak students.

Cash Awards & Merit Scholarships

Our college would also have the distinction of awarding free seat & cash prizes to meritorious students. Every year, during the Orientation programme, students who have secured above 95% in SSLC Examination is planned to be awarded as Free Seat & for students who have secured above 80% will be awarded a Merit Scholarship of Rs.10000/- for their achievement and it is a contribution of the Seshadripuram Educational Trust(SET) as a recognition. We believe that this Merit Scholarship would work as an encouragement for students to set themselves higher standards and better their academic performance in all their future endeavors.

List of Students Qualified for SET Merit Scholarship for the year 2018-19

Sl. No Student Name Gender Percentage/CGPA Stream
1Sumutha M Female 94.56PCMB
2Thejaswini C RFemale 94.24 PCMB
3Lakshmish B V Male94PCMC
4Akshatha M N Female93.76PCMB
5Kavya GFemale93.6PCMB
6Sohan SMale 93.2PCMB
7Savitha hadapadFemale92.96 PCMB
8Nisha JFemale92.8PCMB
9Sonika N MFemale 92.32 PCMB
10Thejaswini Bai N Female 92.16 EBAC
11Skanda Bharadwaj M R Male91.36 PCMB
12Pragathi N S Female 90.88 PCMB
13Bhumika Urs Female 90.4EBAC
14Lakshmi AFemale 90 PCMB
15 Vandana M Male90PCMB
16 Vidya K V Female 89.92 PCMB
17 Hemanth Kumar S Male89.44 PCMB
18 Hemanth K Male89.44 PCMB
19 Seema Kuwar B Female89.44PCMB
20 Navya Raj M D Female89.28PCMB
21 Samrudh B Male89.2 PCMB
22 Dheeraj Kumar M NMale 88.96PCMB
23 Sudeep Male88.64 PCMB
24 Kannnika H SFemale 88.48 PCMB
25 Pragna N Kiran Female 88.32 PCMB
26 Amrutha A S Female 88.16 PCMC
27 Priyanka J Female 88 PCMB
28 Rachana Dechamma G MFemale 88 EBAC
29 Devika HFemale 87.84 PCMB
30 Vaasthav Ganapathy K N Male87.36 EBAC
31 Deekshitha CFemale87.04PCMB
32 Shivani T G Female87.04PCMB
33 Sahana K S Female 86.88PCMB
34 Spoorthy K M Female 86.8 PCMB
35 Simran B S Female 86.08PCMB
36 Deekshitha P T Female 85.6PCMB
37 Dayana A K Female 85.6EBAC
38 Bhavana M Female 85.44PCMB
39 Nayanashree T R Female 85.44 PCMB
40 Varsha M M Female 85.44 PCMB
41 Gracy Antony Tellis Female 85.44 PCMB