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About Us

The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature.- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

As the need for education is endless, so is the need to explore and expand the horizons to reach out to give the best education to the deserving students. Seshadripuram Educational Trust (SET) carries with it a historical existence of nearly 85 years establishing its various institutions in various locations of Bengaluru. SET thought it fit to look beyond Bengaluru and set its feet in Mysuru with the establishment of Seshadripuram Independent PU College in Mysuru. Seshadripuram Independent PU College is the 27th Institution coming under the management of SET.

The academic year 2014-15 set the beginning for the education ball to roll in Mysuru. Pre-University Education is very important as it shapes the future life of students. It is a transitional stage for students to see the change from high school education to a career building education. It is a new environment for the students to follow and experience. It gives them a sudden feel of having got matured. And in this transitional stage of education, the onus and the stake is high on the management and teaching staff of Seshadripuram Independent PU College in Mysuru to impart right education to the students.

Management of SET by its vast experience has not wasted much time in building the right infrastructure. Student community of the Princely city of Mysuru have the right ambience and facilities to experience quality education. Both the teaching and administrative staff members of Seshadripuram Independent PU College are devoted to provide quality educational atmosphere with a high degree of commitment to benefit the students.