Welcome to Our Institute

The fruit of liberal education is not learning, but the capacity and desire to learn, not knowledge, but power. - Charles W. Eliot

The most important aspect of education is to bring in the needed reform in education. Education has an impacting effect on life, the needs and dreams of the people to meet. Education can be made to be a powerful tool for social, economic and cultural transformation. Thus we can make education very relevant while pursuing the individual goal to also look for national development.

Bearing this in mind, Seshadripuram Educational Trust, Bengaluru thought it right to spread its network to provide quality education to the deserving student community residing in and around the Princely Royal City of Mysuru.

The highlight of the college is the familial environment it provides to the students with a great bond that the students have developed with their teachers. The institution is very much in link to providing both the academic and the emotional development of the students. We want to ensure that learning, fraternity and discipline would go hand in hand for everyone in the college to experience.

Located at a high end and well developing business location of Mysuru city, the college is well very well located being on the Outer Ring Road that gains link to every part of Mysuru city. It is going to be a pride institution in the making in the years to come.

Education has always been a cornerstone of society, the pillar on which is a strong support of human existence rests, the leading light as mankind made his way in quest of the unknown. While the art and science of education may have undergone changes since the time immemorial, the onus is on educational institutions and educationist to instill in every student a sense of virtue and wisdom, sensitivity to the needs of others, the skills, the attitudes and habits that would help them explore and excel...